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Don’t forget us, Chibok schoolgirl tells conference

A Chibok schoolgirl who escaped from Boko Haram militants in Nigeria has called on the international community not to forget those still in captivity.
Next month will mark the third anniversary of the abduction of more than 270 girls.
The militants are still holding about 195 of the young women.
The pupil, speaking under a pseudonym, told an education conference in Dubai: “These girls are human beings, not something that we can forget about.”
The abduction of the schoolgirls in north-eastern Nigeria in April 2014 by the Islamist militant group caused a global outcry – and prompted campaigns about girls’ right to education.
But almost three years later most of the abducted Chibok schoolgirls are still being held by kidnappers.
One of the girls who had been seized, using the pseudonym “Sa’a” to protect her identity, said the “world has to do something” to rescue her school friends.
“How would you feel if your daughter or wife was missing? Not one day or two, but three years. It’s very painful,” she told the Global Education and Skills Forum.
Split-second decision
She said that some of the parents of the abducted girls had died and the others were traumatised by their long wait.
Last autumn, 21 of the young women were returned. But Sa’a told the conference of her disappointment that the majority still remained in captivity.
“I remember those girls, but their dreams are now no more,” she said, recalling their plans for their careers and future lives.
Sa’a described the night in April 2014 when Boko Haram militants arrived at her school, burned books and classrooms and forced the pupils into trucks and cars at gunpoint.
Sa’a and a friend had jumped out the back of the truck as it went into a forest.
The girls had hidden overnight and with the help of a shepherd had made their way back to safety.
“I thought I was going to die that night,” said Sa’a.
But she said that if she hadn’t taken that split-second decision to jump, she would still have been held in captivity and missing from her family.
Sa’a spoke alongside another young woman, using the name “Rachel”, whose father and brothers had been killed by Boko Haram in north-east Nigeria.
Sa’a and Rachel called for greater efforts to get the Chibok girls back and to make schools safe from attack.
They said that their experiences had made them more determined than ever to make the most of an education that had been denied to the abducted classmates.​


Xenophobic attack: Why Nigeria will retaliate – Interior Minister, Dambazau

The Minister of Interior, Lt. Gen. Abdulrahman Dambazau, rtd, has said that if South Africa keeps making things difficult for Nigeria, the only option would be to retaliate.
He said South African authorities were not doing much to quell the endless extra-judicial killings and xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in the country.
Dambazua gave the warning at a joint press briefing with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, yesterday in Abuja.
The Minister reminded South Africa of the principle of reciprocity of action in international diplomacy.
He said his ministry would collaborate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Consular Services.
“In the event that the South African authority continues to make things difficult for us, we will have no choice than to make things difficult for them too,” he said.
On the exact number of Nigerians in South African prisons, the minister said, “I have asked the Home Affairs minister about the exact number of Nigerians in South African prisons but he was not able to give me the exact figure.
“I am going to have another meeting with the minister after now to sort out all those issues.”
He added, “But from what I could gather, most of the Nigerians in South African prisons were convicted of drugs, fraud and prostitution. As at now, Nigeria has no prisoner agreement with South Africa.
“That is an issue that we are going to discuss with the Home Affairs minister but one of the things that came up as the result of this xenophobic saga is to know the number of Nigerians in South Africa.”

On the number of Nigerians living and doing business in South Africa, the Minister said, “They gave us an estimate of 800,000 while others say 600,000. The gaps we have is that, most Nigerians don’t register with the Nigerian mission in South Africa when they get there.
“We have suggested that the Nigeria Union of South Africa should carry out a kind of registration of Nigerians living in each province, since the association has a presence in almost all the provinces in the country.
“Then take all the names of those registered to the Nigeria High Commission in Pretoria, so that if anything goes wrong, the mission can be in the know.”

Troops uncover Boko Haram hit list, sketches; kills 27 fighters in Hildi, Balmo forest

Back to winning ways, which they lost in the fake cease fire agreement sometimes ago, Nigerian troops have captured documents containing a list of communities about to be attacked and sketches of the towns from fleeing terrorists in Adamawa State. Continue reading Troops uncover Boko Haram hit
list, sketches; kills 27 fighters in
Hildi, Balmo forest