#BringBackOurGirls: Oh My God, It’s Now 60 Days and Counting – Soyombo Ayomikun

Of anguish & tears
Of wailing & pains
Of bile & hate
60 days of bleeding from our hearts

Of deceit & deceit
From leaders who should have answers
Of schemings to propagate chaos
60 days of bleeding from our hearts
Some of them have been raped
If not all
From uncircumcised demons
Manhoods laden with infections
I can’t just imagine
How they spend each morning
How they get slapped & at night
Some beasts mount them for more desecration
Perhaps they have lost their minds
Once beautiful & innocent hearts
Maybe they’re now even suffering from Stockholm Syndrome
Now falling in love with their captors
When they finally get released
I pray we don’t stumble upon wreaks
Wreaks that no longer trust their own
Souls that got crowned with horror as the government failed
How can they be normal again
After dining with & feeding hell’s host
Some may even be pregnant now
Wondering what beast lurks in their wombs
The nightmares they have every night
Of spears being thrust into their hearts
Of being placed on a cross without a fault
With the country helpless as they’re crucified bleeding
If anyone is thinking life will return to normal
Without freeing the Chibok girls
Perhaps such should have a rethink
As an implosion awaits Nigeria unless they are found
We can’t give up now
Both the ones carrying guns & those wielding pens
We have to keep searching & searching
Until the girls are found
To the beautiful hearts gathering at Unity Fountain
To the soldiers we’ve lost & those still fighting
To every Nigerian daily praying & hoping
We’ll see the sun rise again!


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